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Haunted Mansion Writer's Retreat

Lots to update on, but very little time to do it in.

Lets see.

Miss Mia’s 40—er…I mean 30th birthday party was a blast. The Muppet and I enjoyed ourselves immensely, and got to see several old friends in the process. Red, who I took my very first trip to Argentina with was there, which was especially nice. The VettedWord Poetry Slam at Nob Hill Grille was awesome. Lots of good folks came out for that, and I had fun meeting everyone. I didn’t think that many people could fit, but they squeezed them in somehow. The food was excellent, as was the wine. Mot, Lily_Dove, xTine, and Midnight also came out for the event. I am told it will now be a monthly slam, so be sure to check out VettedWord for updates and info, and to sign up for the next open mic.

I have been contemplating setting up a Writer's Retreat at the Haunted Mansion I did my community service at for quite some time - and a conversation came about on Twitter between myself and Brian Keene about whether or not there would be interest. Apparently there is. Space is limited, however to about 20-30 writers. The idea is to spend 3-4 days in the haunted mansion, experiencing the place, hiking, and doing what writers do best: Writing about it. We'll probably do some workshops, but not many. We'll definitely do a ghost hunt. Possibly spring or fall of next year...to be included on the updates or to participate in the retreat, drop me an email and I'll send you the details.

My Poetry Workshop for Elyseum is coming up next week in SF. We'll be focusing on how to perform your poetry as "spoken word," or...the dreaded "performance" reading. You can do it, and without boring everyone to tears in a monotone. I promise!

May looks to be a relatively quite month, sneaking up on me fast. What happened to the beginning of my year? Gone. Murdered, probably, in its sleep.

Oh, and amacker's birthday is this Friday. Big party, much whiskey...everybody happy!