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My long-time friend Ian McDowell has posted an auction to help out with some difficulties on eBay, which is a rare find, indeed. Many years ago he slaved as a writer for a company that did the childrens primers "Write What Happens Next." He saved one such book and sent it around to me, Poppy Z. Brite, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Neil Gaiman, Phil Nutman, Kelly Link, and many others to...well...put a "dark" spin on "what happens next." Mostly, it was humorous. All of it is handwritten by us.You can view the contents and bid here. You can read about WHY he's putting this up for auction on his mcdolemite LJ page.

In other news...Daniele Serra and I will be hosting a gallery showing of his Incubus/Succubus work, plus Deadland art, plus new poetry from me on his theme of the evening. Plus, Kristine Katalyst will be featured in the Lower Gallery, and DJ Netik will be spinning. It all starts at 7pm. Beer and Wine for purchase; light nibbles for free. Here is a link to the flier.

Dani will be signing copies of ILLUSIONS and we both will be signing copies of BARFODDER.

Lastly, I leave for Texas on the 17th...I plan to hit up the Abney Park show on the 18th with Muppet and my Sister. Yay, Steampunk!