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Upcoming SF Reading and KillerCon Schedule

I've been a busy bee since going full-time. Events, readings, family visiting, and generally enjoying the new digs. Daniele Serra was here, and we executed a successful Gallery opening that was a lot of fun, with an Incubus/Succubus theme. It went so well, that we decided to do a new book together called WHISPERWOOD: The Secret Lives of Doors. It will have full color art from Dani, and poetry to go with each piece. Definitely different, and something I think you'll all enjoy looking at as much as reading.

My step mother came to visit for a week, and she'd never been to San Francisco - being Italian (maiden name Guido - no, I'm not joking), we did a lot of deli time in North Beach and I found those delicious canolis I remembered from The Small Apartment Dinner Party so many years ago, when a friend brought them. I have one left out of the four I bought.

I went to LA for the Stokers and had a blast - it was great seeing everyone there. I'm especially proud of Miss Blue who ran her first marathon and won, and is now taking the next Bowling for Boobies to new levels, with an auction to bowl with Jane Wiedlin of the GoGos. Have a look <a href="http://tiny.cc/BFB921">at the auction here.</a> Help fight Breast Cancer, and make a bid!

Here are the upcoming readings, signings, etc... I'll be up to. If you are in San Francisco or Las Vegas - I hope to see you there!

9/14/2009 - San Francisco, CA. <a href="http://vettedword.com/7MinutesinHeaven.aspx">"Seven Minutes in Heaven," Hosted by VettedWord</a> at SHINE Nightclub, 965 Mission St (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave) Room 514. See the link for timing.

9/17-20, 2009 - Las Vegas, NV. <a href="http://www.killercon.org">KillerCon</a>!
     <u>FRIDAY:</u> Reading, 8:30pm

     <u>SATURDAY:</u> 2:00PM: Eros and Thanatos: Erotic Horror vs. Paranormal Romance vs. Pornography. What's the difference? Moderator Sèphera Girón. Panelists Angela James, Rain Graves, Meghan Knierim, Heather Graham, Lori Perkins

               5:00-7:00PM Mass Signing

               7:00PM Male or Female? The game show that challenges the audience to guess the gender of the author of a passage of classic or current horror. Can you tell the difference? Moderator Matt Schwartz. Panelists Allen K, Maurice Broaddus, Rain Graves, L.L. Soares

               8:00PM Seven Deadly Sins of Writing Erotic Fiction: Moderator: Gabrielle Faust. Panelists: Sèphera Girón, Rain Graves, Hal Bodner, L.A. Banks, Jeannie Eddy

               9:00PM Open Mic Poetry Reading hosted by Rain Graves

     <u>SUNDAY:</U> 11:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Plot Development: Why storytelling is more than just having a good plot. Moderator Rain Graves. Panelists: Joe Lansdale, Lisa Mannetti, Edward Lee, F. Paul Wilson, Rhodi Hawk, Brian Keene